We Make Networks Secure

Year after year, network security is reported by analysts as the number one fear of IT managers. OK, so we’re all scared. Now what? Well, some things are true:

  • The problem isn't going away. In fact the challenge gets more complex every year.

  • The bad guys will get at your network if they really want to. The CIA got hacked, after all.

  • The trick is to understand where YOUR bigger challenges might be, and address them because this allows you to decide how to spend your security budget wisely.


So what to do? Well we’re here to help. Our approach is to help you develop a layered, structured response to your security challenges. We start by working with you to understand where you are right now, and then we work with you to develop a plan that covers the three key areas:

  • How are you going to prevent security incidents?

  • How are you going to detect security incidents if they happen?

  • How are you going to respond if you are the victim of a breach?


Out of this comes a security plan that is right for your organisation and your budget. We will then help you implement this using the right tools and components, and then we will help you monitor your defences to make sure that they are working.

We are also able to provide security testing and audit, including internal and external penetration testing.

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