How to Choose Advanced Malware Protection that Works for You

By Tom Redmond - November 12, 2015

pv-blog-how-to-choose-advanced-malware-protection-that-works-for-youToday's business faces a threat landscape of frighteningly subversive, malicious and constantly evolving attacks. In the face of such threats, and armed with security technologies that lack both the necessary visibility and control need, security teams find themselves struggling to detect and defend against these onslaughts.

Malicious parties set on gaining access to your network are hard at work creating advanced malware through multiple attack vectors. Protecting your business from these attacks is critical, as the fallout from such an attack can cripple an organisation. As such, you need to ensure that you select the right protection to combat this - and the secret is a solid advanced malware protection solution.

Selecting the Right Advanced Malware Protection Solution

When choosing an advanced malware protection solution, it's important to select one that helps you by do the following:

Disrupt Advanced Threats Earlier On

A great advanced malware protection solution, or AMP, needs to be on the ball when it comes to disrupting advanced threats in real-time. The attack process, also known as the "kill chain", losing impact if stopped in its initial stages, and prevents attackers from gaining a hold on your environment and boosting its security.

Detect and Halt Advanced Malware Deployments

It's vital that your chosen AMP is focused on detecting and halting advanced malware deployment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It needs to protect your systems from compromise at all times.

Integrate Well into Your Current Security

There's strength in numbers, and the same applies to securing your systems. Achieving the best possible protection means choosing an AMP that integrates well with your current security controls as part of your overall security operations. Your security management needs to be a holistic endeavor, integrating all your tools for maximum threat response and defense.

Lighten the Management Load

Overly complicated AMPs that require excessive monitoring and management simply add to the already substantial load or responsibilities faced by your security team. Select a solution that alleviates the administrative pain of maintaining and monitoring your security appliances.

Offer In-Depth Analysis

The ever-changing nature of the threat landscape faced by businesses means staying ahead requires plenty of information - which is why a critical characteristic every AMP needs to meet is the ability to offer in-depth analysis that helps your security team gain valuable knowledge and global intelligence into the nature of the attacks facing your systems.

Choosing the right advanced malware protection solution is vital for the health of your systems, and acts as a safeguard in the face of tremendous threats and malicious attacks. If you haven't got one, perhaps it's time to start looking now!


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