Cisco Announces New Catalyst Range; New Wifi.

By David Cash - April 30, 2019

Today, Cisco is introducing new products to meet the need for an even more modern and wireless-first world:

From the team that developed the much loved Catalyst 6000 comes the new Catalyst 9600 modular core switch, addresses the demands for Wi-Fi 6, mGig speeds, and security.
Cisco has also announced the Cisco Catalyst 9100 and Cisco Meraki MR 45/55 access points, and the OpenRoaming partnership to make Wi-Fi onboarding much simpler.
The OpenRoaming foundation is a Cisco-led federation of Wi-Fi stakeholders (from device manufacturers like Samsung to cellular carrier companies to enterprises) that will make signing on to Wi-Fi automatic, seamless, easy, and secure. Its aim is to make it easier to seamlessly and securely hop between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
You can read Cisco's Sachin Gupta talking about the new announcements here.

New from Cisco; Catalyst 9600, 9100, and Meraki MR45

Download the Catalyst Data Sheet

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