10 Advantages to VoIP You Might Have Missed

By Tom Redmond - November 10, 2015

pv-blog-10-advantages-to-voip-you-might-have-missedAchieving success in business means embracing innovation, savvy instincts and the best technology has to offer and using it to transform the way your organisation conducts work, client relationships and internal communication.

Although not new technology, in essence, VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) has come a long way since its induction into mainstream use and has established itself as a must-have tool for companies looking to improve their communication, productivity and efficiency- all while implementing a solution that won't break the bank regarding budget.

The Top VoIP Bonuses to Note

VoIP's benefits, boosted by developments in the sector, offer adopters a host of advantages, among which the following are included:

1. Lower Costs

Communication is a critical element in any business, and the cost of relying on traditional methods of achieving communication such as a standard telephone lines can become expensive. And as you're charged per minute, those international calls to other offices can become extremely costly. Using VoIP means cutting those costs down significantly.

2. Call Routing

Life just keeps getting busier and busier, and fielding phone calls all day can be challenging when you're trying to work. That said, certain calls are important, and you can't afford to miss them - which is where VoIP is very handy. It allows you direct or route your calls to exactly where you want them, whether it may be out to multiple phones or straight to an answering service. It also allows you to seamlessly transfer calls from one device to another, meaning it's possible to take your calls out of the office with ease or ensure your calls always reach you.

3. Voice and Data Integration

A distinct benefit to VoIP is the fact that only one network is needed for both data and voice applications, which can be integrated for improved functionality and cost reduction.

4. Improved Internal Communication

With a VoIP solution in place, internal communication becomes far easier, as departments can communicate with an increased response time, irrespective of distance or location. This ease of communication facilitates an improvement in productivity and efficiency - it also presents an excellent opportunity for enhancing training, as webinars and presentations can easily be shared amongst staff or training sessions hosted online.

5. Voice and Video Streaming

Along with the obvious internal training and communication benefits linked to VoIP implementation, the voice and video streaming that VoIP facilitates creates opportunities for enhanced collaboration between partners and clients.

6. Integrated Communication

VoIP makes it possible to integrate a wealth of communication services within one network, like chat functionalities, email, voice, video, data and fax - it also integrates devices like smartphones and tablets into the mix. This integrated approach makes it faster and easier to share information and to optimise your business processes.

7. Integrated Surveillance and Security Systems

Networked surveillance and security systems are another advantageous use VoIP offers. The technology allows for the integration of intercom and door systems and alarm servers, and the visual surveillance of remote locations, events and machines.

8. Improved "Presence"

VoIP allows users the benefit of setting their presence, which indicates their status of availability for communication to their colleagues and clients, which is extremely beneficial when hosting regular meetings or juggling a busy schedule.

9. Remote Working Capabilities

The cost of travel to organisations in a global business environment is huge, and not just in a financial sense - the time it takes for employees to travel often results in a loss of work days as well. VoIP implementation circumvents these problems neatly by bypassing the need for proximity when working and allowing staff to work from wherever they may be, regardless of distance.

10. Boosted Customer Care Opportunities

VoIP aids in the development of an excellent customer care service thanks to the enhanced response times and face-to-face communication it facilitates. Customers can be dealt with directly without the need to come into a specific location, but still receive personalised care and service, which builds trust and a sound reputation.

Choosing to implement a VoIP solution is an excellent way to take your organisation and its services to the next level. Considering an implementation? We'd love to chat to you and help you find the best solution for your needs. 



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