We do Networks

Design and implementation of networks is at the core of what we do, and has been since day one. Project Vision is a network company. Networks have grown and become more complex, and technologies evolve, but the basic rules around how you design, implement, and support a network do not change.

We do Wireless

First generation wireless implementations are running out of steam, as wireless demand grows exponentially. Every wireless implementation we have ever seen grows its own traffic. As someone once said, “build it and they will come”.

Cheap and cheerful wireless implementations are no longer compliant. Rules now make organisations liable for where their wireless users go and what they do. You must be able to track it and stop anything dodgy.

Security becomes an ever greater factor. Such a tough one. IT needs to be super secure to stop the bad guys, and yet it has to be super useable for the good guys. How do you do that?


Help is at hand, The latest generation of cloud based wireless networks, implemented by Project Vision using technology from Meraki will allow you to deploy an enterprise class, compliant secure wireless network for your organisation without breaking the bank.

We’ve got lots of expertise with wireless, with big organisations and small, and we will help you get to where you need to be. 

We are a Cisco Partner

Our core team has been working with Cisco for over 25 years now. We’ve seen Cisco grow from a routing company into the global giant it is today.

We first selected Cisco in the 90’s because we liked the quality of the product, the quality of the support, and the direction of the company. We were proved right. We still work with Cisco today, providing solutions and expertise across the range.

We make sure we are accredited to provide Cisco based solutions, but our accreditations go way beyond the minimum requirement. And we make sure our customers are happy with the Cisco solutions we deliver. Year-in-year-out we receive exceptional customer care scores when our care is independently measured. So much so, that now we get a gold star each year from Cisco to recognise our exceptional customer care.

We are Voice and Data Specialists

Phone systems have evolved beyond recognition over the last decade. At the core of the phone system is still a conversation. However, modern phone systems are integrated with data networks, linked to video, collaboration, and desktop sharing tools, and often based on centralised or cloud based servers. Phone systems now must integrate mobile and land based calls, must work with customer databases and network security systems, and must work all the time. 

We have been working with IP based telephony since it was invented, and with traditional phone systems before that, so we are well placed to advise you on how you might get the best from your phone system and other collaboration tools.

We Help Your Business Collaborate More Effectively

Here’s our definition of collaboration: A whole set of tools – voice, instant messaging, video, presence, desktop sharing, app sharing and many others, deployed on a whole set of platforms - desktop, smartphone, tablet, VC suite, lots of others, to support flexible working.

Our favourite definition of flexible working comes from Dave Coplin, who is Chief Innovation Officer at Microsoft. Check Dave out on Twitter @dcoplin; we think he’s cool. His definition; “Flexible working means deciding what you have to do tomorrow and then deciding where would be the very best place to do it.”

With the right collaboration solution, you can bring all of the advantages of flexible working to your organisation.

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