Working at Project Vision

We are always looking for quality people who are educated, skilled, motivated, and friendly. And when you join us, we encourage and support you to be the best in your field.


Perks & Benefits


Excellence at work

We provide a stimulating environment where you’ll be motivated, empowered and recognised. And we do our best to remove obstacles to creativity.



We also believe that a supportive home environment is one of the keys to being effective at work. Your partner will be welcomed at many of our company social events.



We encourage a ‘grown up’ attitude in all of our relationships: with customers, partners, investors, and employees. We aim to offer as much flexibility in working hours as we can, and will provide you with facilities for telecommuting or offer part-time working if your workload and that of your department allows it, and at your manager’s discretion.


Development and training

We put a premium on continuous staff development. We agree a rolling personal development plan with you that lays out your training and development schedule for the next year. And we encourage you to obtain relevant professional accreditations in your area of expertise.



We provide you with full healthcare cover after a qualifying period.



We encourage you to make provision for the future. We offer a flexible pension after a qualifying period, and we contribute to the pension plans of all full-time staff.



You are entitled to 20 days holiday a year when you start, rising by one day per year of completed service to a maximum of 25 days. We recognise all public holidays local to each of our offices, and we may provide time off over the Christmas period in addition to your standard holiday entitlement, at the discretion of management and based upon individual performance and commitment.


Reward and Recognition

We provide several forms of reward and recognition in addition to your basic salary and other benefits. We run a quarterly performance-related bonus plan for all staff. We make ad hoc bonus awards for examples of particular achievement, dedication, or excellence. And we frequently run internal incentive schemes in addition to the regular quarterly bonus plans. We also encourage all staff to value each other and offer recognition and congratulations for high performance.

Available Positions

Marketing and Sales Ninja

If you are looking to bring your skills and digital marketing and business development to bear on a real challenge, and you are looking to grow those skills and your experience at the same time, then this is the role for you.

We're looking for a Marketing and Sales Ninja to join the growing team in our Oxford office. 

This role involves working with Project Vision's leadership and marketing team to develop and deliver digital marketing campaigns for the business, and then following up on the leads generated by those campaigns to qualify which are opportunities for the business.

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