Hardware Support

When components in your network fail, we make sure they are replaced quickly enough to avoid disruption. Our hardware replacement service, designed especially for your Cisco devices, gives you exactly the right level of cover for your business, making your budget go further.

Versatile and cost effective

We can provide a range of hardware support packages that we can tailor to meet your particular business requirements. These can range from 24/7 cover with hardware replaced within 2 or 4 hours for critical components, through to 8/5 cover, with 4 – hour or next business day replacement, for other elements of your system.

Flexible and simple

You can register Cisco components to be covered for anything from a month up to their operating lifespan. And, as your network grows, we’ll adjust the contract period for each new component so you will only ever have one renewal date for the whole system – no need to track renewals month by month.

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Our annual fixed-price network support service, is designed for growing businesses that need regular IT support services to keep their networks running smoothly and securely.

The right bundle at the right price

We build a support package that meets the specific needs of your business, allowing you to get the most from your IT spend.

Your needs may vary from an onsite engineer as often as one day a week – or as little as one day a month. You may also require 24/7 remote monitoring to proactively manage your network. We can tailor our Support offering for all of your needs.

We know your network

Our network support service covers servers, software, routers, firewalls, switches and other network devices. If we installed your network, we’ll already have intimate knowledge of your systems. If you choose network support for an existing system, we will carry out a thorough audit so we understand your network’s properties from the outset.

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Network Analysis

We use the latest technologies to analyse your network, but it’s our skills and experience that allow us to guarantee we will fix your network problem – and for a fixed price.

Your network delivered great performance when it was first installed. But since then you’ve added new applications, new hardware and more users and perhaps now your network isn’t performing like it should.

Quick fixes, workarounds, and simply throwing more money at the network are only temporary solutions – and often make things worse in the long term.

Our network testing and analysis service is a fixed-price service designed to get to the root causes of why your network isn’t performing – every time. Our forensic approach means we’ll dig until we uncover the underlying reason.

Cost-effective solutions

Once we’ve identified the real issue, we’ll recommend the most cost-effective way to solve it. We’ll also recommend changes you can make in the longer term to improve the performance of your network.

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Network Modelling

In a world of rapidly changing technology, your network needs to evolve to support the expanding needs of your business.

Our Network Modelling service gives you the opportunity to do “what if?” testing without a huge investment in test equipment and the specialist knowledge required to interpret results.

By modelling the impact on the network prior to major changes we can help ensure that money is spent when necessary and in the most effective way.

We can use network modelling in a wide variety of situations where changes are to be made to the network or to the traffic that the network is intended to support, such as:

Design verification:

  • Impact of new applications on the network
  • The network impact of data centre outsourcing or relocation
  • Sizing WAN links for office or data centre connections
  • Impact of traffic growth through expansion/merger, etc

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